Warranty Terms

 Warranty Policy:

If there is an irreparable quality problem within 1 year, please contact us for a new one (not caused by humans). The warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product that is assessed to have a manufacturing or material defect. Exclusions apply, see below. The Warranty is for the original purchaser valid from the date of delivery and covers domestic use. The Warranty covers the repair or replacement of impacted pieces only. Please provide proof of purchase – We will be able to identify your records in our system so we will only require a few details in order to look up your purchase.

Exclusions To Warranty:

Damage, deterioration, or discoloration if the product has not been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Damage resulting from misuse, modifications, cleaning, storage, transportation or as a result of product being used outside its intended purpose. Damage caused from extreme heat, extreme cold or chemicals. General wear & tear, paint & fabric fading, chipping & scratching of glass, mold & mildew, hardware corrosion, Defects, wear and tear or discolouration in products sold “as is” eg ex-demos, floor stock, returns and seconds. Neglect, misuse or accident Damage and loss of persons and properties caused by the product.